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Hi website visitors,

I am currently in Seminary studying for my Master in divinity with concentration in Theology and Social Justice.  I have discovered that only 3% to 5% of the deaf community are believers in Christ.  And, I hope to change that by using this site.

I went to college with no back up plan other than trusting God will provide me something somehow.   I have to pay for my college loan after I graduate that will be about $[wpdonategoal cid=1]

I have not yet figured out how to pay for my college loan.   I thought that if I could find 90 people to help support this site for about $1,000 each.  that might solve the problem.  But, the result actually depends on God.  If God wills it, he will provide it somehow.

So, in here, I would appreciate any donation from anyone in any amount to help keep this site going and help me pay off my college studies.  I promise every donation would be greatly appropriated.  And, as an exchange, I plan to share what I have learned in College with everyone who views this site.

Thank you for your time and support.  I look forward to serving God and his people.

In Christ,

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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