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Hi Everyone,

Currently, ASL Christians has been put on hold to figure future goals from God.  This video was created recently to show the 2019 status.  If have any problems or concerns, do not worry.  God has plans.  We just need the faith.  Video has caption.  Feel free to turn on the caption if you do not know ASL.  🙂

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ASL Christian Bible Study on April 19, 2016

Our last study on March 15 was about, “What is love? We learned about UnConditional Love vs Conditional Love. God wants us to learn to have UnConditional Love to others, because His love is Unconditional. But, to accept God’s journey, it has a Conditional for all of us to Repent to learn to love others as He loves us. God wants us to do good to others. Our next study will be about “What is Forgiveness?” Join us on April 19 at 7 pm.

Event will be at Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf, 1564 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606. The event is not an RRCD Event however sponsored by Grace Road Church and will be on the 3rd Tuesday of month. This means, you can come in for free! We will provide snacks. RRCD will provide coffee and drinks for a small cost.

All those who are interested in Christian discussions that are Deaf and Hearing people are welcomed!!! Please, join us!!!

Please join our Facebook Event page:


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ASL Christians Bible Study March 15, 2016

February 16 event was postponed to March 15, 2016 due to weather in February.  We hope to see you on March 15.  :)

Hi everyone,

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘group Bible study?’ Perhaps we should start with what it’s not! A Bible study is not a lecture or a sermon. It’s a group discussion.

The last Bible study was on January 19. We discussed was about Does God Exist? From our discussion. We learned that God’s understanding is beyond Human understandings. His thoughts are not like human thoughts and are higher than Earth’s expectations (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Without Faith, none of us can get close to God. Because, it is impossible to proof or disproof God. We must believe God exists if we want to seek him or his rewards (Hebrew 11:6). We will know that we are close to God because He is love. He will teach us Love through Him. As we get to know him, we will be able to love others around us (Matthew 22:37-39). This means if you do not have any faith, you will not get to know God.

Our next Bible study will be on February 16 at 7 pm at the same place. We will be discussing about what is Love. If you would like to come and learn about God’s view of Love, come join us. Even if you are looking for new friends or heartbroken, we are welcoming all of you.

Please, join us on Feb 16 at the Rochester Deaf Club. Of course, everyone is welcomed. We are open to discussing with non-believers and christians who are up for a discussion about love. Hope to see you there.

God Bless you all…

Dean “Rex” DeRusso.

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Join us on Jan 19 for Small Group Bible Study

Please watch our VBlog on

Or, join our event on Facebook Event at below link:

Join us for Small Bible Study on Jan 19, Feb 16 and March 15.

Join us for Small Bible Study on Jan 19, Feb 16 and March 15.

Hope to see you at January 19, 2016 Bible Study and God Bless you all.

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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June 15 Bible Study and 2 Video Blogs

I made two video blogs for next Bible Study on June 15. Please feel free to comment below of which one you prefer. Event can be found in below Facebook link, please feel free to invite your friends and email us to find out the location in Rochester, NY:

Video Blog (VBlog) #1:

VBlog #2:

Feel free to share! God bless and thank you,

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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Looking for a church on Easter Sunday…

Easter Sunday is on April 5, 2015. If your looking for a church or curious about going to church, join ASL Christians at Grace Road Church, Rochester Auditorium Theatre, 875 East Main Street, Rochester, NY, for their 10 am Easter Sunday services. It’s a young church and growing very fast with people who enjoy sharing the gospels of Jesus Christ.

Please enjoy video blog below:

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ASL Christians Christmas Service: Come Behold Him, the King

Hi Everyone:

Holiday party invitation (for business event)ASL Christians is seeking to do a ASL Friendly Christmas services.  Yup, there will be hearing and deaf people working together for this event.  We picked December 14 from 7 to 9 pm to have a service.  The service will be 1 hour long and provide refreshments after that.  You can find more information about the service by clicking on our calendar event.

We also created an Facebook event for you to join.  Please join the pages and share with your friends of this event.

In case your wondering, we already created a sneak preview of “Mary did you know?” in song and sign.  Many thanks to  Loretta Emmendorfer and Katherine Smith for leading this song and signs group.  Please enjoy 4:57 minutes video.

In Christ,

Dean DeRusso

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Sermon: Why do Christians go to Church?

This was my last sermon in seminary.  I am not sure what the future will hold of future sermons.  However, I hope this is not going to be the last sermon.  Enjoy this sermon, pray for more sermon and better ones to come.

In Christ,

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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Sermon: What is original sin?

I’ve decided to do a sermon on Original Sins.  This focuses on the beginning of sins and what caused us to separate from God.  This sin was not a good thing, it cost God to come to earth and live among us.  He was the perfect lamb and died for us.  On, the third day, He rose to give us eternal life with him.  I hope you enjoy the video.

The video has caption for the sign impaired viewers.  All you need to do is click on the “CC” button.

In Christ,

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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ASL Sermon: Saved by Grace by Faith by Dean “Rex” DeRusso

God Bless:

Often, people think that they need to do work to be saved.  But, we are saved by the Grace of Jesus by our faith alone.  So, I created this video blog sermon as my first internship project for my seminary studies.  So, bear with me of any errors in this video as I am working on my own with help of my Professor Nelson Grimm at this time.  At the same time, I am spiritually growing as the ASL Christian ministry is young.

There is no sound in this video.  You can turn on the caption by clicking on the red CC button at the bottom right corner of the video player.  I do have a video with sound that I tried to add.  It was not pretty from what I was told.  I thought it was funny and praised God for at least letting me try.  So, if a person who can hear enough to understand where the problem is and have the time to help me out with that, please let me know.

Thank you,

Dean “Rex” DeRusso

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