ASL Christians Christmas Service: Come Behold Him, the King

Hi Everyone:

Holiday party invitation (for business event)ASL Christians is seeking to do a ASL Friendly Christmas services.  Yup, there will be hearing and deaf people working together for this event.  We picked December 14 from 7 to 9 pm to have a service.  The service will be 1 hour long and provide refreshments after that.  You can find more information about the service by clicking on our calendar event.

We also created an Facebook event for you to join.  Please join the pages and share with your friends of this event.

In case your wondering, we already created a sneak preview of “Mary did you know?” in song and sign.  Many thanks to  Loretta Emmendorfer and Katherine Smith for leading this song and signs group.  Please enjoy 4:57 minutes video.

In Christ,

Dean DeRusso

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