ASL Christian Bible Study on April 19, 2016

Our last study on March 15 was about, “What is love? We learned about UnConditional Love vs Conditional Love. God wants us to learn to have UnConditional Love to others, because His love is Unconditional. But, to accept God’s journey, it has a Conditional for all of us to Repent to learn to love others as He loves us. God wants us to do good to others. Our next study will be about “What is Forgiveness?” Join us on April 19 at 7 pm.

Event will be at Rochester Recreation Club for the Deaf, 1564 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606. The event is not an RRCD Event however sponsored by Grace Road Church and will be on the 3rd Tuesday of month. This means, you can come in for free! We will provide snacks. RRCD will provide coffee and drinks for a small cost.

All those who are interested in Christian discussions that are Deaf and Hearing people are welcomed!!! Please, join us!!!

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