Vision Statement

ASL Christians has the vision to unite different churches that will create and provide humanitarian outreach to the sign language community by sharing resources, researches and documents about the God who became flesh and blood that lived among us (John 1:1,14, Ezekiel 37:27, Isaiah 9:6).   We believe there is a spiritual warfare that will require several church to join together to show God’s light and salt to the people seeking Him (Matthew 5:3-16, Luke 8:16-18 and John 8:12).  Because He spent most of the time among these people (Mark 2:15-17, Matthew 5:46.)

In addition, ASL Christians believe that there is a need for several churches to serve within God’s Truth and Grace to join together to serve the sign language community by agreeing with the ASL Christian’s Doctrinal Statement.  As, we join together without worrying about losing or taking brothers and sisters in Christ in their current home church.  We become a body of believers of the one God and will join together to reach out to our lost brothers and sisters in the community (Matthew 6:34.)  We will seek the work of the Holy Spirit who will free us all of being slave to sins and help us all inherit eternal life in Jesus Christ (Matt 19:29).  And, this same Holy Spirit will build a home church for all people in Christ.

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